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Knee Program

Knee PainIf you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from chronic knee pain and hoping to avoid surgery, our innovative Knee Pain Relief System could be the answer. This comprehensive approach has helped thousands avoid surgery and get back to an active and pain free life.

Knee Pain Symptoms We Treat:

  • Bone-on-Bone Pain: When the cushioning between the kneecap wears away, it can cause the feeling of bone-on bone-grinding.
  • Popping or Crackling Sounds: Many patients report noisy knees first, then realize that there is a more serious medical issue at hand.
  • Inflammation and Redness: Inflammation and redness are two indicators that, if accompanied with knee pain, should deserve medical attention.
  • Failed Knee Replacement Surgery: Many patients find us because they’ve had surgery already, and don’t want to go through it again. We promote non-surgical solutions at every step of the way.

If education, exercise, knee braces, anti-inflammatory medications and even injections or SURGERY have not provided enough relief for you to live pain-free and reasonably active, you may be a good candidate for our Five Point Knee Restoration Program – A highly effective treatment that has helped patients from all over the country avoid knee replacement surgery.

Why Choose Our Program?

We use the latest technologies in knee decompression, light therapy, electrotherapy, myoneural techniques, and nutrition in our revolutionary Five Point Knee Restoration Program for knee pain. Dr. Wines has had extensive training with the best in the field, and we consistently aim to find better ways to serve and treat our patients.

No Injections – No Medications – No Surgery – No Knee Replacement

95% of patients that we can help and accept for care will notice relief immediately in their first treatment.

We GUARANTEE results in one visit or we won’t accept a patient for care.

Schedule Your Knee Treatment Special Offer Today! You Have Nothing To Lose, But The Pain.

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