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Chiropractic helped my Colic & Acid Reflux

My Mommy found out from my primary care doctor that I had colic and acid reflux when I was just 4 weeks old. I was crying all the time and mommy and I did not get much sleep. I couldn’t hold any of my milk down and burping was so hard for me to do.

Since my mommy was a patient at Active Chiropractic, she decided to make me an appointment. Best decision for me! Thanks to Dr. Wines adjusting my spine, Mommy and I are able to sleep. I can now hold my milk down and burping is a lot easier for me.

The staff at Active Chiropractic is so nice to me. Every time I come in I am surrounded by love and attention. Now I am a whole 3 months old and still coming to visit Dr. Wines for my wellness care.


Adjustments throughout Pregnancy and as a Newborn

My chiropractic journey started before I was even born! My mommy was getting regular adjustments while I was growing in her belly. Dr. Wines had taught my mommy how important it was for me to get my first adjustment as soon as possible since the birthing process can be rough on a little guy like me, so she made my first appointment before I even arrived. I was only three days old when I got my first adjustment, which means I currently hold the title of “Youngest Patient Ever” in this office. My mommy, daddy, and big sister are all patients at Active Chiropractic Health & Wellness too!

I was not a big fan of the doctors and nurses poking and prodding me at the hospital, but this office is different. Everyone here is so nice, and the girls that work here get so happy to see me each visit (sometimes, they even fight over who gets to hold me while my mommy gets adjusted). Dr. Wines is always very gentle with me during my adjustments. My mommy has been bringing me regularly since I was born to help with my brain and nerve development and to give me the immune system of a superhero! I’m so lucky to be starting life with such an awesome Chiropractor making sure I am growing healthy and strong! Thank you Dr. Wines!


Help with Constant Pain

When I walked into Active Chiropractic a few months ago, I was in constant pain. It hurt to stand, sit, walk, and cough. Everything I did or tried just hurt! I could not work in my yard, swim, or play with my granddaughters. It hurt to drive to work. Basically all I could do was sit and hurt. Dr. Wines listened to what I said and he told me he could me he could help me. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first and I did not get better overnight. It’s just as Dr. Wines said, I didn’t get this way overnight and I was not going to be well overnight. I put my trust in him and he did not let me down. Each time I went in, he would ask if I were better, if there was anything new hurting, and he listened. That’s huge, he listens!

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A few months later, I am happy to report that I am pain free. DAILY, no pain. I know this may sound dramatic, but it’s truly like I have my life back! I can run and play with the grandkids again. I’m able to stand in the kitchen and cook a meal again! I’m honestly looking forward to preparing a big meal at Thanksgiving for the first time in a few years.

The staff at Active Chiropractic, I could talk for hours about them, they are that caring. The best way I can sum it us is to say, each time I walk in the door there, it’s like coming home to family! That office is the happiest place in Oklahoma!

I truly can not thank them all enough for getting me well…. AND for keeping me well! If you are looking for a Chiropractor, do yourself a favor and call Dr. Wines and his staff.


Help for Sciatic Pain

When I first saw Dr. Wines, I had been suffering from sciatica for two years. The problem lasted my entire pregnancy and 14 months post-partum. My OB told me that it would go away after giving birth, but it never did. One day, while at a class for my daughter, I talked to a fellow mommy about the pain I’d been having and she suggested I try her Chiropractor. She had been having good results so I decided to give it a try.

The staff was wonderful and the care at Active Chiropractic is so personal. I really liked that the treatment involved more than just adjustments, like massage and stretching. There is nothing I didn’t like about this office or care. Now, after completing my care plan, my sciatica is gone! I can sit AND stand without pain. With a toddler running around, it sure makes it easier to keep up with her.

I would 100% recommend others to Active Chiropractic. The care here is AMAZING! I am so grateful I found the right place to go to for help with my sciatica.


Pregnancy Chiropractic Helped

I had never been to a chiropractor before, so when my OB/GYN recommended it, I was a little apprehensive. Not only had I never been, I was also 36 weeks pregnant with my second child. But that was the exact reason why she suggested I try it. You see, my baby was breech at 36 weeks rather than head down. I had tried doing yoga and prenatal massages to help my baby flip into the proper position with no luck.

My OB/GYN explained how it was perfectly safe, and actually beneficial, for my baby and me. She explained that a chiropractor could adjust my spine and pelvis, which could in turn give my baby the room needed to turn upside down. Being that far along in my pregnancy, I was willing to try anything that might help my baby have a healthy and safe delivery. I wanted to avoid a C-section if at all possible. My first child had been a vaginal birth, and I wanted this second baby to be born the same way.

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I am happy to say that after about 5 adjustments, my baby turned at 38 weeks! And not only that, but my aches and pains (which I thought were a normal part of pregnancy) were gone! I had been suffering with an achy back, hip pain, sore legs, and difficulty sleeping on and off throughout my pregnancy. I was actually getting better sleep in my third trimester once I started getting adjusted. I had no idea!

I was so surprised and impressed with my results after seeing Dr. Wines. I would definitely recommend him to others! He is always happy to answer any questions. I also love the staff! They are always professional, friendly, and courteous. Active Chiropractic Health & Wellness has such a friendly and inviting atmosphere overall. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed!


Chronic Pain Relief

“I didn’t realize how much chronic pain was affecting my life! I am a 54 year old female and have been a patient of Dr. Wines for several years. Initially, I came in with intense neck and lower back pain resulting from a car accident, over 28 years ago. I have received chiropractic treatment over the years, but not until I found Dr. Wines did I experience the level of relief and improvement in my overall health. Dr. Wines was able to treat my painful condition, where others had basically said nothing more could be done.”

-Ann Keenan

Fibromyalgia Pain Relief

“I had been in pain for 15 years due to a car wreck and Fibromyalgia. I have gone to several chiropractic clinics over the years and have lost all hope until I was referred to Dr. Wines 2 years ago. Through his education and treatment plan, within months I was able to sit without pain. But even more importantly, the fibromyalgia that was being treated with medication had diminished. My headaches and muscle pain seized and I was sleeping through the night. He has given me a whole new light on how I should be taking care of myself and my body. My chiropractor has helped me to make my life a healthy one and a much happier one.” Thank You Dr. Wines

-Angela Summers

Low Back Pain Relief

“I have had low back pain all my life especially after having two very difficult pregnancies. I attempted to use back braces, TENS units, even acupuncture. I called Dr. Wines and explained my issues with him, and very promptly he was able to see me, and I have had TOTAL relief from DAY ONE. It is a relief to know if I can hold better posture and freely move my body without worrying about feeling pain like I used to. I am very pleased that I have chosen to see Dr. Wines, he is managing my care with integrity and my best interests in mind. It feels wonderful to have a reliable chiropractor that I can count on!”


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